Cyber Security Risk Assessments

cyber security risk assessment

Cyber Vulnerability Assessment

Regular security assessments are crucial to examine the security posture of a company and see if there is an exploitable vulnerability in the cybersecurity measures.

A cyber security risk assessment is the process of identifying, analysing and evaluating risk. It can be a non-technical assessment such as Risk Assessments or a technical assessment like Penetration Testing, Red Teaming, Bug Bounty, Breach Attack Simulation, Continuous Validation, or a hybrid approach.

Penetration Testing is where we aim to diffuse or penetrate a company’s system to see how “hackable” it is and how much at risk it will be to cyber threats. A penetration test is performed part of a system’s vulnerability assessment, where we assess how liable to cyber risks your infrastructure is. If after the assessment, your system is deemed vulnerable to cyber threats, we will recommend a series of solutions to reduce those risks.

We will advise on what kind of assessment is needed for each client’s unique situation and use the most suitable resource to deliver the job. Cyber security risk assessments are an important business consideration, especially if you depend heavily on information technology and your backend infrastructure to be a stable, reliable system that your entire company and staff use on a daily basis.

Uniquely, we have a separate team of security developers to help fix problems if the client needs them. Our experts are able to conduct cyber security assessments or cyber security risk assessments for all sizes of businesses and set ups (having had experience with defense and government systems to small enterprises systems), conduct a custom-planned vulnerability assessment and penetration testing for your system, depending on the way it is set up, and then advise on the most useful, cost-effective solutions for your cyber risk management.